Why work for Kareplan?

In today’s fast paced workplaces, most of us are looking for clarity, security and support from our employers. At Kareplan, we are making it our priority to develop a working environment for our staff where everyone feels supported and appreciated. We have worked in the industry for a long time and this depth of experience means that we are:

a) very conscious of the challenges faced by carers in their day to day work.

b) very aware of the attributes and qualities that are required in order to work well as a carer.

Providing opportunties for career advancement is also something that we are always proactively looking to do. Regular training is available for staff and many of our admin and management team have a background working as carers.

All of our carers have access to our highly experienced support team back at head office. A great description of how these teams within the business work together is provided here by Gwen Keegan who talks here about the support she receives from head office:


Placing carer staff working in their own local areas is important to us as we want to ensure that it is as easy as possible for our carers to get from their own homes out to our clients.

We also provide excellent conditions with competitive pay rates, mileage and overtime.

To sum up, we are a family oriented employer focused on providing support structures and development opportunities. Our employees are hugely important to us.

To find out about the many current opportunities we have available at Kareplan please Contact Us at http://kareplan.ie/contact-us/ or give us a call on 01 8511411.