What We Do

We provide a wide variety of services ranging from home help to personal care

Male and Female carers provided. 1 hour to 24 hour care.
Personal care & Home help. Hospital and surgery visits. Special post-operative care & Palliative care. Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.
Telephone monitoring system, Supervisor and area manager.

Personal Care:

We at Kare Plan provide the following to ensure your family members personal needs are met

  • Bathing/showering
  • Washing and dressing
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Feeding
  • Light housework
  • Shopping
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Prescription collection
  • Hospital and surgery visits
  • Companionship and conversation

For a competitive quote for Personal Care please email Info@kareplan.ie

Home Help:

  • Light Housework
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Shopping
  • Prescription collection
  • Laundry
  • Companionship and conversation

Kare Plan Disability service

Kare Plans disability support service is tailored to every individuals needs and helps a disabled person to live an independent life.

Service Provided:

  • Meal preparation and baking support
  • Shopping and errands
  • Companionship and conversation
  • Support with running a household
  • Personal care
  • Occasion support [outings /family weddings]
  • Appointments [hospital/doctor]
  • Recreational actives
  • Night time care
  • Restpite  [ to allow family carers a break]
  • Medication reminder
  • Live in care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Post natal care for women who need help and support at home

Dementia Care

Over 55,000 people are living with Dementia and over 500,000 of us live with family who have been affected by dementia.

Dementia is not one single disease but describes several symptoms caused by disease of the brain. Dementia can result in a reduction of memory, ability to every day task and effect behaviour.

Dementia can affect people of all ages with approximately 10% of all Dementia Suffers being under the age of 65.
At Kare Plan our Carer’s are trained Dementia Care and provide the following

  • 0.5 Hour up to 24-Hour Care Supervision
  • Personal Care – Toileting/Bathing/Oral Hygiene
  • Dressing Assistance – helping with zips, buttons, laces etc
  • Meal Preparation / Special Feeding Requirements
  • Prompting Medication
  • Supervision, Conversation and Companionship
  • Reassurance, Support and Comfort
  • Breaks for family members
  • Activities that your parent/loved one enjoys such as scrapbooking, painting, flower arranging or simply enjoying looking at old photo albums

For a competitive quote for Dementia Care please email Info@kareplan.ie

24 Hour Care

At Kareplan we can provide Care up to and including 24 Hrs. When faced with the difficult decisions of whether to send our loved ones into a Residential facility, 24 Hour care may be alternative option. 24 Hour Care can all be used to aid your family member back on their feet after an illness
Kareplan can provide several duties for your family member.


  1. Mobility and Transfer
    Our Carers can assist you to transfer safely with the appropriate moving aids, including hoisting (always requires two carers). Whether it is getting in and out of bed, the shower, or from a chair to your wheelchair.
  2. Dressing & Toileting
    Our carers can aid with dressing your family member for both day time and night time. While also arranging that their toileting needs are met
  3. Prompting Medication
    As you will know some medications need to be taken at the same time every day. Our Carers can remind you to take your medicine from your blister packs

For a competitive quote for 24 Hour care please email Info@kareplan.ie

Palliative Care

This can be one of the saddest time in anyone’s one life. Kare Plan can help you through this difficult time.

Our carers will be respectful of the needs of you and your family. We would tailor the needs of you and your family through an extensive Care Plan and ensure that our carer conduct their duties with empathy and kindness.

Our Palliative Care Support team can provide the following:

  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship
  • Light Household Duties
  • Shopping for the family
  • Support and Comfort
  • Prompt Medication

For a competitive quote for Palative Care please email Info@kareplan.ie